Senior Sessions

Project 52 - Low light favorites

Here's a round up of my favorite low light images that I captured throughout January.. The overall winter light in January was low- and because I was intentionally looking for the 'magic' within the low light situations I ended up with a collection of images that I am absolutely in love with.

Today, I'm participating in a blog loop with some of my friends who also practiced shooting in low light through January. CLICK HERE to see my creative friend, Aubrey's images. 

Project Something Beautiful: Reflect

Us, January 2, 2017 & again on January 2, 2018.


Each year we take an unconventional anniversary portrait. Something simple, unplanned, and imperfect. 


I'm so glad that we celebrate our anniversary at the beginning of the year. We usually plan a simple stay-cation and spend our time reflecting on the past year and planning resolutions. 


This year feels really big... and while we can sit and try to game plan what lies ahead, we have decided it's best to just try to live as slowly and as intenly as possible between now and then. 

This month for Project Something Beautiful we focused on the word 'reflect'. Follow along with our blog loop by checking out my how my sweet friend Dawn photographed 'reflect':  Click here to head to Dawn's blog. 

One Separate Moment Continues

A photo project between two clickin' friends. Courtney's on the left, mine on the right. 

Courtney and I successfully completed one entire year of One Separate Moment. We are super proud of ourselves and our collection of images. 

With new projects starting up in 2018 we weren't sure if we should continue on with One Separate Moment. But, after a bit of reflection, we realized that we would be really sad if our little project didn't continue into the new year. With that said, here are our first two weeks of January.