What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is simply you as you are in this very moment. Most sessions take place in your home, or at a location that is personal to you. The objective is to be in a comfortable setting while enjoying that which makes you happy. I will capture precious moments as they happen organically. Sessions are suggested to be planned around your routines & personal interests to capture the authenticity of your day to day life. In the end we'll be left with authentic imagery that reflects the connections within your family. 



Why tell stories when I can show you? "Here is a photo of you after school when you were 10. You loved to come home and put on your most comfy sweatpants straightaway and read a comic. You went through a phase where you wore a wrist watch that didn't work.. We laughed at you when you would matter-of-factually guess the time. You drew a picture of a castle that you swore you would live in someday and hung it proudly on your wall above your bed.. As I am looking at this picture of you, I remember how long your hair was when you were 10. I remember how it felt to hug you and run my fingers through your hair. Your scalp was always a bit sweaty from playing. I remember seeing you and your sister here in this room, feeling safe and loved."

 Simple Put, lifestyle sessions are timeless. You can expect to receive images that one day, when your children are older, you can look back together and show them exactly how they were in those simple moments. 


exist in your photos

You were there too.. and, chances are there aren't many photos to prove that you were!  If you're anything like me, you are the one who is taking your photos. And often times, we forget to get behind the camera every once in a while. Exist in your images with your loved ones. Let me capture YOU loving on your babies. Let me show you what it looks like when your significant other looks at you and the way your children adore you. Your family will be forever grateful to have images with you in them. 


the days are long. the years are short

It is so hard to recognize these years as golden while you are in the thick of it. Trust me, I understand. The hustle and bustle of my day-to-day puts me in survival mode and most of my days are a haze. My laundry and dishes are never caught up and when my daughter asks to paint for the millionth time and I finally cave, the last thing that is on my mind is photographing it. But, I do. Because if i don't, I'll forget.

I'm here to record those fleeting moments for you. Your life is beautiful and your days deserve to be documented.